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Uniqs :: unique quality Services

Consolidating the experience of
high level technical consulting in Argentina

and Latin America region.



IT infrastructure professional services
with focus on high availability,
backup and disaster recovery.



Software factory for fullfilling
our customers requirements maximizing
the open software tools of the market.

Welcome to Uniqs

Who are we. What we do.

Uniqs is an IT Services oriented company, with headquarters in Argentina and offices in Venezuela, that provides unique quality services specialized on IT infrastructure,with focus in Latin America and able to provide worldwide support and services.

Based on our 15+ years experience professionals and commitment to give high quality services, our customers always reach to solutions that meet their business needs and overcome their expectations. Project Planning, timely delivery and commitment to quality are Uniqs strengths.

Analysis, planning, design, implementation and testing of Backup & Recovery, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Performance & Tuning, Capacity Planning and Migrations on Unix/Linux, Oracle, Open Source and Virtualized environments. All these services are focused on IT infrastructure and distributed systems with complex environments on huge datacenters.

IT infrastructure monitoring and reporting, Investment analysis ( OPEX & COPEX ), Risk Management, Project Management, Training and Support.

Uniqs Software is a software development and outsourcing company. Our focus is on Embedded software, Java, C++ and other internet based technologies. The services offer include the development of software to infrastructure management.