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Services and Solutions

Turn key solutions.





Implementation of monitoring systems to help customer take care and control of the datacenter infrastructure, reducing costs and avoiding painful breakdowns with alerts. Besides this service, we offer an assessment of the current monitoring system including recommendations and best practices.

Project Management

Given our vast experience dealing with multinational companies complex projects, involving mission critical platforms, with the leadership ability of managing multivendor and multidisciplinary teams, following the PMI ( Project Management Institute ) international rules.

Managed Services

System administration services with employees working at the customer covering positions or roles needed. Some examples are : Unix Admin. , Windows Admin, Backup Admin., Veritas Admin., Oracle Admin., Unix Security Admin., etc.


Monitoring System

We offer complete solutions of monitoring systems not only including commercial products with full functionalities but also free software products, covering any company needs.

Internet/Intranet Web Portal

Design, construction and implementation of internal and external web portals, internet short campaigns development and re-design of web site images.



Nagios, HP Openview, Sun Management Center and Oracle Enterprise Manager.