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Services and Solutions

Turn key solutions.




Security Posture Assessment

Revision and documentation of current situation of the servers, services, devices or solutions.
Objective : Give a clear and consistent vision of the status of risk and security posture regarding potential intrusions and vector attacks, based in the actual security level of the operating system perspective platforms.
The following elements are considered :
- Security Baseline of Security Department
- Complementary Security checks
- Verification of root kits presence
- Operating System Users, Passwords and Groups
- File systems and files permissions ( PATH )
- Active Audit Logs
- Ports (from the host, from the net)
- Patch Level
Access Control Verification, database FW , Mod Security
PowerKeeper Verification

Risk Analysis

Real Risk Identification, impact, probability of occurrence, documentation and follow up of control mechanisms, mitigation and risk transference.

Penetration Test

Vulnerability Analysis and real proof concepts, demonstrating access to information systems, from the perspective of the inside or external hacker.



This tool is an intruder detector based on SNORT but with management facilities, deployment and signatures very precise, completely configurable.

User and Passwords Administration

The Privileged Identity Management Suite is an enterprise-class, unified policy-based solution that secures, manages and monitors all privileged accounts and activities associated with datacenter management whether on-permise or in the cloud.

Privileged Access Control

Privileged User Management ( “PUM” ) is a low cost, high quality software application designed to manage and monitor the use of administrator accounts over a network of UNIX and Linux based systems.



Countersnipe, PUM, Cyber-Ark, OSM.