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Services and Solutions

Turn key solutions.


Business Continuity


High Availability

As part of the high availability services, we offer an on site assessment, in order to set the right availability regarding the customer needs and the best product for their needs. We also make product migrations of the same product or different ones, and version upgrades of any infrastructure component ( Operating System, data base, software ).


Services oriented to verify the current installation of the customer, otherwise, help them to make the right choice regarding replication. This services can be for local replication inside the datacenter as remote site replication, using powerful tools, covering Windows and Unix.

Backup Assessment

Our services cover not only customer platform backup assessments ( EMC, Symantec, IBM, HP, CommVault ) but also implementation, migration or upgrade ( Veritas Net Backup or EMC Networker ). Assessment and implementation of deduplication projects, stand alone or integrated to the traditional backup platform.

Disaster Recovery

To cover the need of 7x24x365 services and other government and entities regulations the companies need to build a disaster recovery plan with an alternative site. We offer the assessment to review the actual solution or in case of need a new one, recommend a solution that fits the customer needs.


High Availability

High Availability solutions implementation not only in the main data center but also in a remote one, joining any distance. We have certified skills using Veritas Cluster, Sun Cluster, Oracle Clusterware and EMC Autostart and other products.


We apply for backup with Symantec NetBackup ( ex Veritas ) and EMC Networker ( ex Legato ), and for de-duplication with NetBackup PureDisk and Avamar, leader market solution, including hardware connectivity tests, agents, with the objective to reach a full configured and tested installation following the best practices and documented as well.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Solutions using a clear methodology and determining priorities to protect critical systems on the customer sites. We make the revision, design, prove and implementation working together with the customer.



High Availability Products: Veritas Cluster, Sun Cluster, Oracle RAC, Oracle Clusterware, EMC Autostar..
Replication Products : Veritas Volume Replicator, Sun High Availability, Replistor, Oracle Data Guard.
Backup Products: Veritas Net Backup y EMC Networker ( ex Legato ), ACS/LS.
Dedup Products: Avamar, PureDisk, Datadomain.