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Services and Solutions

Turn key solutions.




Performance Analysis

The first thing is to define the platform that has performance problems, if this is the case, a performance data collector is installed so we can get a sample of at least one week or two, with the analysis of the data collected in a propetary database, we are in conditions to make a final report with recommendations and best practices for the environment of the platform studied. The duration of this servcie is 3 or 4 weeks.

Capacity Planning

This service has as first step the previous service; so we installa the product to get the data collected during one or two weeks. Additionaly we ask for some data that the client must provided ( users expected , load grow, connections estimated, etc ) to make a capacity calculation according to the expected grow. Finally we realize a simulation with the different options of hardware and the data provided by the client and make a report with recommendations and adquisition options, leasing, etc.

Bottleneck Detection

In some cases the platform is configured and installed correctly, but nevertheless appear some performance problems while the utilization and the load continue to grow, so exists the need to discover where is that slowness or bottleneck is haviing place. This service is a search analytical process of performance problems using data collector automatic tools.


Performance Analysis Software

We offer the complete performance analysis tool. This covers the selection of the adecuate tool, based on the priorities of the client ( cost, quality, open source, reports, etc ), the architecture design, prove of concept executions, and the implementation of the selected tool, leaving the softaware fully configured and taking samples of some of the clients of interest. Finally we prepare the documentation and use methodology.



Teamquest, Cacti, ORCA, dtrace and others.