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Services and Solutions

Turn key solutions.




On Site Courses

Courses can be made at the customer facilities, allowing the resources not to move outside the office. Our company offers the service of lab preparation ( see Labs ) so we can use it for the Course.

Off Site Courses

This courses are dictated in a classroom with equipment for each assistant, that guarantees personalized contact with the product and the trainer, because is for a few students. Hereby the participants have a better knowledge from the content of the course.

Knowledge Transfer

We also offer a knowledge transfer with focus in the characteristics of the product the client has, so we can transfer the knowledge needs to the responsible of administering it. This generally is imparted when we make the product implementation, but there are cases where the client already has the product installed or the administrator is new in the function, and this services is a good shot.


Tailor-made courses

In the case you cannot assist to the course, we offer the possibility to made a measure course following the customer needs with complete topics and partial contents.


Lab creation for on-site curses or test environments for products.



Veritas, Solaris, Oracle, EMC Networker, Avamar and others.